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At List Joint we solved some of the biggest problems we seen other list builders have.

The problem: With most list builders you’ll get tons of emails which overloads your inbox, and only gets you upset to the point where you want to quit!

The fix: Here at List Joint we put a limit on the number of times each membership level can mail out. This way your inbox doesn’t get overloaded with emails anymore! Free members can mail out once every 7 days, Silver members every 5 days, and Gold members every 3 days. Less emails equals better quality traffic for you and your website.

The problem: Some list builders give away to many credits for clicking credit links. This makes it very easy for people to get credits quickly enabling them to mail out to the entire database and flood your inbox with emails. It also means they are clicking on less links which means lesser traffic to your website.

The fix: Here at List Joint we give a lower amount of credits for clicking on credit links so people must click on more credit links in order to earn credits to mail out. This increases the traffic you’ll receive, and the quality as it will cut down on the amount of emails people can send out. So no more emails flooding your inbox, and you’ll get more quality traffic at the same time.

The Problem: Some list builders give out to many monthly credits. Again this makes it extremely easy for someone to mail out to the entire database without having to click on a single credit link which means less traffic to your website.

The fix: We’ve put a cap on the amount of monthly credits our memberships will get so that they must still actively click on credit links in order for them to mail out to our entire database every month. This means more quality traffic for you.

As you can see we aim for quality over quantity. List Joint will give you better results for your marketing efforts, and you can always feel good knowing that you’ll be mailing to a quality list rather then a list filled with inactive users.